"Joel's Twin Circus is an hilarious account of the chaos and joy that parents of multiples experience. It's an easy read, written from the much needed perspective of a father of twins. This a book that  busy Moms will cherish --and gain insight, and that coping Fathers will laugh and smile knowing that there is someone else out there who gets it!  I will take joy in reading this book over and over again."

-Mamie Joeveer
Mother of Twins, Attorney,  Contributor to publications such as Forbes, Miami Herald, NBC, Robb Report


"WOW! What a fun read!!! I loved this book, as it was so lighthearted and real. It made me feel like a normal Mom of multiples, and that my crazy every day life was going to be OK. I was able to relate to all the topics plus learn many helpful tricks to keeping my daily life sane. My husband & I laughed out loud throughout each chapter. I especially loved chapter 5 as it gave me a new perspective with my children. My husband couldn't put the book down and had so many favorite chapters. It was so refreshing to hear a Fathers perspective of raising his 4 children & how to make light of so many crazy situations most of have a hard time handling. I highly recommend this book and loved how the author enjoyed life with his children." 


-Angela D.