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Austin, Texas September 22, 2016: A book launch party and family fun day will celebrate the release of Joel Lackovich’s book, Twin Circus: A Father’s Guide to Multiples. Author, scientist, and entrepreneur, Joel Lackovich will be present to discuss how he became the ring-master for the “Greatest Show On Earth” as the parent of twins. This free circus-themed, MomCo App play date, will include kid-friendly arts & crafts, inflatable jumpers, photo booth, treats and music. Come get your ring side seats on Sunday, September 25th 2016 (3:30-5:30pm PDT) at Harry Griffen Park in LaMesa, California.


In Twin Circus: A Father’s Guide to Multiples, Lackovich explains that the first element of an effective parenting plan must be a sense of humor. He rewrites the parenting playbook by humorously tackling everyday challenges in the life of a parent with multiples.  With patience, organization, and time-management – oh yeah, and a wry sense of humor - even the most explosive diaper change can be handled with finesse.  Twin Circus is a book written with the ink of experience and answers those earth rattling questions: Can I double park “The Double-Wide” and can I survive a trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth”?  


In addition to teaching the duties of the “ring master” in Twin Circus, Lackovich teaches the art of accumulating “spousal currency.” That’s the legal tender necessary for negotiating personal time with your spouse for that football game coming on at noon, a simple round of golf on your birthday, or a happy-hour with your buddies.  


Whether you have multiple children or not, Twin Circus: A Father’s Guide to Multiples, will tickle your funny bone and leave you wanting more.


BIO: Author Joel Lackovich has published multiple award-winning articles and dedicated over 17 years working in the Biotechnology industry. His serious academic pursuit of the Life Sciences prepared him for the sleepless nights, long work shifts, and patience depleting responsibility overload that raising multiples brings. Inspired by the joy and the chaos, Joel decided to write a survival book to help fellow overworked, sleep deprived, patience depleted parents. Writing Twin Circus provided Joel with the unique opportunity to record his personal experiences in a fun and humorous way. Joel continues to enjoy the energy, chaos, and vitality of raising multiples. He currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and four children; Tristan, Jaxen, Scarlett, and Skye, and is already working on his follow up book to Twin Circus.


It's a Circus Play Date!

You are in for a treat! Bring the whole family down for this fun, circus-themed MomCo Play Date, featuring the new Twin Circus book, by Joel Lackovich! This event is free for all who attend, and will include kid-friendly arts & crafts, inflatable jumpers, cotton candy, fun music, a photo booth, and a chance to meet the author, purchase his new book, and get his autograph! We will be located under the gazebo, closest to the playground at Harry Griffen Park. There will also be some killer giveaways from MomCo! Please RSVP on the MomCo App ( to let us know that you are coming!



TheTwin Circus book is officially out in the wild- and you can get yours on Amazon! Come laugh with us, you might also learn some things too.