Mom’s Down…Dad’s Down… Who’s Down to Help?


Sound the alarm. Send up the bat signal. Calling all family, friends, and neighbors? Reinforcements are needed immediately!

Being sick is no fun. Being a parent and sick can really strain family dynamics and may seem like the end of the world is near. In the rare event that both Mom and Dad are sick at the exact same time because they have contracted the deadly preschool bug called, ”Iamgonnagetthewholefamilysickvirus”, the train may seem all but headed off the tracks. What can you do?

The obvious answer is to not let yourself, or your spouse, get in this position. Parental health is invaluable as you are responsible for your children’s health at all times. As parents we are constantly combating, dodging, and avoiding what our children bring home from school, the playground, and even from the department store floor (Ugh those meltdowns in public can come back to really haunt you!). At times it feels like the whole house is a toxic aquarium and you are helpless armed only with only Pampers wet wipes, a thermometer and Children’s Tylenol for the kids. And sometimes you feel there is no relief for you because you have to “ON” for the little ones.

So how do you get through this? As I mentioned in Twin Circus, the first element of an effective parenting plan is a sense of humor. I guess this is why on the rare occasion my wife and I are down for the count I recall the “Windex scene” from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In the movie Toula’s father Gus has an addiction to Windex and she says, “My dad believed in only two things... That Greeks should educate non-Greeks about being Greek, and that any ailment, from psoriasis to poison ivy, could be cured with Windex.” Personally giving myself a quick internal comedic boost helps. Leveraging a sense of humor when you are down and out can assist in getting the first step to getting one foot out of the bed. But in the end, if this does not work, look up the recommended dose of Children’s Tylenol for adults. It’s helped us a few times get out of bed!


Who is Joel Lackovich?

Father of Multiples Survivor!

As a father to a pair of boys close in age and a pair of fraternal twin girls, Joel is constantly on the go living the Twin Circus on a daily basis.

His 2016 book, Twin Circus, an Amazon top-seller, was inspired by the chaotic joy of raising multiples, and was born somewhere between one of the many middle of the night diaper changes and trying to figure out how to install multiple car seats in a timely fashion. Joel currently resides in Austin Texas with his wife Tracey, and their four children, Tristan, Jaxen, Scarlett, and Skye, and is already working on his follow up book to Twin Circus.