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Father of Multiples Survivor!

As a father to a pair of boys close in age and a pair of fraternal twins, Joel is constantly on the go living the Twin Circus on a daily basis. Twin Circus, obviously inspired by the chaotic joy of raising multiples, was born somewhere between one of the many middle of the night diaper changes and trying to figure out how to install multiple car seats in a timely fashion. So, why not write a survival book to help fellow overworked, sleep deprived, patience depleted parents? While pursuing his degrees at the University of Florida, (a close contender to the overworked, sleep deprived, patience depleting experience of parenthood), Joel received a Minor in English on his way to a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology. After dedicating himself to the serious study of life sciences for the past 17 years, writing Twin Circus provided Joel with the unique opportunity to record his personal experiences in a fun and humorous way. While still searching for answers to “why do Zebras have stripes?” and “why does being right and turning right use the same word (right)”, Joel continues to enjoy the energy, chaos, and vitality of raising multiples. Joel currently resides in Austin Texas with his wife Tracey, and their four children, Tristan, Jaxen, Scarlett, and Skye, and is already working on his follow up book to Twin Circus.